employee shop

the employee shop is number one and most important service in our portfolio

one of the most crucial business challenge in these times is motivation and retention of your colleagues, make your company valued by them and build your employer brand. A strong pillar of this area is the non-salary benefits and – as a part of it – offer exclusive saving opportunities

internal employee shops as an employer benefit is not a novelty among the companies, maybe available at Your company as well. Still the question arises as what efficiency can it be self-powered?

how does it work in the current model?

on one hand there are the huge amount of administration, taxing, payroll, product master data, micro-logistic processes – against with general logistics criterias in the majority of the cases -, all cost of these elements and the continous demand for all of these efforts
on the other hand there are moderated evaluation from the employees – coming from the limited saving opportunity provided by the current shops

our innovative service is not only a classic outsourcing of the internal shop functions but a comprehensive solution what provides you the following advantages:

  • provide full logistic service from the stock management to the personalized ship-out
  • set Your free from all* administration
  • optimized in personal income tax and social contribution taxes
  • 21st century, webshop based solution provides real user experience
  • Your colleagues can get access to special discounts offered by other Partners managed by ourselves deeply below the market price beside Your own product portfolio. Means significant and multiplied saving opportunity compared to the current model.

sounds exciting? Looking forward your approach

* in taxing and administration area