about us

as the leader and owner of the efficient solutions ltd with almost 20 years’ experience from multinational and FMCG companies I made the decision I establish my own company

effectiveness of a company depends on plenty factors. Even Your company is a super successful one, the characteristic and size of it predestine that what type of processes run effectively and where are the barriers of the company, which are the “Achilles-heels”. I mean those barriers which do not directly affect the performance but indirectly influence the mood, the loyalty and the workload of your colleagues and the whole environment surrounding them and influence – as a consequence – the productivity

based on our experiences collected as sales and category manager and generally from the „multi-world” we exactly know that which processes are the painful points coming from the big size, the inflexibility and the internal rules and policies coming from the global top management. Our team offers efficient solutions exactly for these tasks. We identified several „caustic function”, now we cover 3 main service area:

employee shop

complete service for this employer benefit serving massive range of discounted products to your colleagues with plenty of innovative extras and special benefits


professional support of Tesco Implant suppliers

efficient shelving

comprehensive category management projects from the data diving through the until the range and planogram proposals

in these function mentioned above we developed sector and client specific solutions what rise our Partner’s efficiency, reduce their cost and bring serious competitive advantage to them. It become possible with our strategy and strong team